Hi, I am Catherine Dipper, a photographer based in the north east of England. My work ranges from untouched photographs to abstract digital transformations; from planned long-term projects to opportunistic shots.
My day job was science and computing with an interest in photography that continues to grow.
Photography has enabled me to combine my skills and passions, my camera and computer are equals.
What camera do you use?
DSLRs - a Canon 5D Mark II and an assortment of lenses , or the lighter Canon 100D with a Tamron 16-300mm to avoid changing lenses. 
Compacts - a Canon G5X, and a Panasonic TZ70. And, of course, my trusty cell phone, a Google Nexus 5X. The selection of a particular camera is often based on how strong my shoulders are feeling rather than sound photographic criteria.
Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC for the serious editing. I often use Google Picasa for a quick whizz through the day's haul, making very quick adjustments to assess a photo's potential.
Colour or black and white?
It depends on what drew me to the subject matter in the first place, and this is often colour. But I also love the drama of black and white, or if colour is a distraction I will probably work in monochrome.
So what about editing?
I don't have any qualms about enhancing an image, it's always been done. I use the digital darkroom rather than the traditional one but it's just a different skill. So it's not new and I don't think it's cheating; it may be in order to make a stronger image or to get closer to that perceived by the eye, very subjective. 
Editing - where do you stop?
Adding to or removing things from the image? I am not a fan, not for my kind of image making anyway. My personal preference is for an image to be a true record of a scene and the times. That said, there may be the rare occasion where I would remove something but I would never add anything to an image.
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